Permission granted to use music from the Album -
Indian Graffiti
Producers: John & A.J. Noon
Turtleford, Saskatchewan Canada

 Turle Island Records
Producer: Kelly Parker
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Mewasin kapay-totay-ayk!
(It is good that you have come here!)

Enjoy listening to World Champion Singers!!

The Boyz
High Noon-
(World Champions1995/1996)
Noon Express
Little Island Cree
(World Champion Hand Drum Singers & recipients of a Juno Award as Best Aboriginal Recording)
(Clayton also called the "King Of Round Dance")

The music you are listening
to coincides w/the different categories of dance.....Each song has a different beat.
Most songs are just chants and they are called Straight songs....but some have words....sometimes we don't understand the language......but whether a person understands the language or not....Music & dance are a universal language and we can all feel the drumbeat in our hearts....The drum takes over your spirit and soars!!
When you hear that drum, your heart races and the adrenaline flows.....

Open your heart and you will feel the drum within you!!
(Each page has different categories/songs.....and each song is the type that the category may dance to!!)

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